Thursday, March 6, 2014

New?New?New? NO!NO!NO!

QVC is a spectacular merchant—all my friends love them. The Q even posts garment measurements so you can have a good idea what size to buy. (They cite your bust and hip measurements + 1-3 inches on stretch or knits + 3-5 on woven garments.) They have several Fashion Days a year and this season, are doing 50 hours of fashion! 

Good? No.

The TSV (Today's Special Value) for the first day was another droopy-poopy piece, this time from LOGO by stylist Lori Goldstein, a $40 vest, so similar to the chiffon-edged items she has done for several years (yawn) that it appears not to have been a hot seller. The second TSV is a $230 bag from orYANY, in color blocking. I think most women will find it all too easily resistible.

My love for QVC is such that I almost take this personally, and so far, I have found nothing I HAVE to HAVE, and I am a clothes hound! Even my favorite line, Linea, was a tad more soft dressing than usual, and on behalf of MOST OF US, I hope this shapeless, droopy trend goes far away. As for colors, most of us do not look great in blah, or bright yellow-based colors, so why does the fashion industry work so hard to shoot itself in the collective foot?

—Mary Duffy

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