Friday, March 7, 2014

Color, Spring 2014, Shoots Self in Foot!

This is interesting. The Top 5 Colors for 2014 are, as follows:

1. Radiant Orchid. Nice!
2. Hemlock. A new name for paler green. Nice, but a poisonous name.
3. Paprika. This is based on the popularity of an orange-ish version of red that most of us cannot wear.
4. Paloma. A new name for an overdone, understated gray.
5. Fressia. A yellow so bright, again, that most of us cannot wear it (unlike a pretty lemon color, which has been a successful staple of the last four years!)

Is it entirely necessary for the American fashion industry to shoot itself in the foot on a daily basis?

Radiant Orchid, however, is another story. It's the Pantone Color of the Year and is universally flattering. It warms the face and makes most women look younger. (Be careful, golden blondes, because purple is the complimentary color to yellow, and therefore can over-emphasize yellow.)

Here's another look at Radiant Orchid:


—Mary Duffy

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