Monday, March 3, 2014

Apres Oscar

The raison d’etre of my company, Fashion for the Rest of Us©, since 2010, has been to address the fashion and beauty needs of real women—those not likely to walk red carpets or be the next Miss America any time soon. 

That said, last night’s Oscar Show deserves a comment from the perspective of those of us who make up most of the audience—people in lounge clothes or sleepwear,  propped up on pillows, longing for a fix of the glamorous life, of what Hollywood once was, and, for most of us, still should be. 

Last Night, we got it.

Nearly everyone was lovely. I will not detract by mentioning the handful of misses. There were the young and the mature, the thin and the not-so-thin, the pregnant and the ingénues, and the gentlemen dressed like men of the world—all giving us a dream of the “grandeur that was Greece and the glory that was Rome,” as Poe said, or of whatever floats your fantasy boat.

Not to be confused with what most of us are or should be, the primped-to-perfection, starved to a size 2 to 4, those eying Ellen’s pizza—they were all very funny. She was funny, too, without destroying anyone. I loved her pop-ups in the audience and her cool demeanor. 

It was a wonderful night and nominations and awards were graciously received and spread about several superb productions. 


—Mary Duffy

[PHOTO: The famous Degeneres "selfie" that got so many Retweets on Twitter that it shut the service down temporarily on Oscar night.]

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