Saturday, February 22, 2014

High Low, Oh N-O-O!

As an adult woman, I am so over shapeless, droopy-poopy, trapeze shapes with asymmetrical, shark-bite, handkerchief, hi-low hems, that I COULD SCREAM. "Baby doll" is cute on three-year-olds, but hold the boxy shapes and huge ruffles! And remember that most of us have breasts and hips, and these styles just hang off our bustlines, rendering us perpetually pregnant-looking.

The BIG look you may wish to avoid going forward is narrow bottoms, as in leggings and cigarette pants, and really big shirts, topped off by a coat or jacket that is JUMBO size! Leggings MUST be worn with tops that come below the 'anatomy' line only—never too tight but not family-sized, either. 

I hope you agree that these silhouettes are what NOT to wear! If you bought them and now hate them, donate them. I did. As for High Low skirts? OH, NO-O-O-O is right! 

-- Mary Duffy

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