Friday, February 21, 2014

Fashion Week Blahs

One of the advantages of living in New York City, if this sort of thing amuses YOU as much as it does ME, is watching the Fashion Week news coverage. Here, it is actually covered as Local News!

Anna Wintour
So once again, I swore off judgmental viewing for the Fall 2014 shows, and was—at best—underwhelmed. Apparently, Vogue's Anna Wintour (left) had similar feelings, as was noted again and again by the fashion press. Her face says it all.

So, what is new? Not much. What is exciting? Even less. Hopefully, Ready-to-Wear (that is us real folk) will ignore the Black and White (OMG, how original) and Gray (how funereal)! The rare touches of color kept me awake and Zac Posen, in my opinion, had the most wearable, desireable collection. In addition to the afore-mentioned mourning colors, color block, pattern mixing returned. A softer blue and a more orange red than last year and red were see a bit. There were big ball gowns and enough glam, sparkle and embellishment for a Disney princess movie. 

Also big on the runway was a retro 1920s look, which I personally love, but which has been done so often, I think there is still some in the my closet for the 90s. Fur was everywhere, even as a necklace for ball gowns and faux enough for animal-lover me.

One thing I liked was the mixture of black or B&W, with a rather Belle Epoque Mauve Decade rose. Very pretty, and we real people might actually like it. 

-- Mary Duffy

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